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Come and Enjoy the weekend in Beauty of sundarban at Sundarban Residency,Sundarban.

Thatched roofs of village Telkupi with Panchet hill in the background Header Village Telkupi
"VILLAGE TELKUPI" is an Eco-Village at Garpanchkot (Garh Panchkot), a part of “Panchet Residency”, epitomizing the beauty of Bengal.
Compact, cozy weekend getaway accommodation at Banjara Hut Header Banjara Hut
Designed in the shape of a tent, these accommodations are extrenely cosy and comfortable for two adults.
The footprint of a bengal village home with the luxury of a modern day hotel at Panchet Residency Header Maittika
“MRITTIKA” is designed in lines with a Bengali village house. A central courtyard with a long veranda connecting rooms.
Camping experience in the igloo shaped accommodations Header Igloo
"IGLOO" are designed to provide camping experience during your stay. These wooden domes provide for two single beds.